Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can the Woman’s Club hold?

The maximum capacity of the club is between 96 and 115 depending on the tables used.  This is for your safety and comfort.

I have a small group. Can I just rent out the sunroom?

Due to the layout of the clubhouse, we cannot rent by room; therefore, we rent the entire first floor.

Do you have to be a member to rent the Clubhouse?

No. The Clubhouse is open to all for private and public events.

Can I see the Clubhouse before I decide to rent it?  Are there specific hours?

Please call the Rental Coordinator at 240-401-1047 to schedule a time. Typically the clubhouse can be shown on Thursdays. Availability on the weekend times is dependent upon the events we have scheduled.

How late can my event go? Are there any exceptions?

All music must be turned off by midnight. All individuals must be off the Club Property by 12:30 am.  On New Year’s Eve, we are open until 1 am.  When planning your event, please take into account the time to clean up.

Are tables and chairs included in the Rental Fee?

Yes. We have 100 chairs, round tables, highboy cocktail tables, card tables, and buffet tables.

Do you provide any tablecloths?

We don’t provide tablecloths for social events.

Do you have any cutlery, plates, glasses, decorations, etc. that may be used?

No. The Woman’s Club does not allow the use of our kitchenware.

Do you have any restrictions on food?

No. You may bring in your own food,  or caterer.  A list of caterers we can highly recommend caterers is available.

Do you accept credit cards?  

Yes, a credit card is acceptable. However, we prefer personal or cashier’s checks to avoid credit card fees. Checks should be made payable to the Woman’s Club of Bethesda.

Can I tip the Property Manager?

It is certainly acceptable to provide a gratuity for exceptional service by the Property Manager.

What does the Woman’s Club do with the rental fees?

The Woman’s Club of Bethesda is a non-profit organization; proceeds from the rentals support a variety of charitable organizations throughout Montgomery County.