Use of the Clubhouse


At the request of the renter, the property manager will set up the Club’s tables and club linens (if ordered) in advance of the Rental Period.
The Renter is responsible for providing a table covering for each table that will have food or drink on it.
The Renter’s set up time for decorating and/or food warming is included the Rental Period Fee.

Clean-Up and Recycling
The renter is responsible for clearing and cleaning all tables and kitchen surfaces.
The Clean Up time is included in the Rental Period.
The renter is responsible for the removal of all trash from the Clubhouse and the Premises. Blue recycling containers are provided by Montgomery County and must be used for all events.  Failure to comply will result in a county fine.
Two 30 gallon trash cans and 2 liners are provided; however, additional trash bag liners are the client’s responsibility.
Failure to follow the above requirements will result in an additional $200 fee charged for excessive cleaning. An additional $100 will be also be charged for each hour of cleaning.

Renters are permitted:
To bring in their own food or caterer of their choice.
To have bands and DJs in the Clubhouse.
To use the piano.
To use the Ovens and Refrigerator in order to keep food at the correct temperature.
To use the public address system.
To use LED candles, flowers, and balloons to decorate.

Renters are NOT permitted:
To prepare food in the kitchen.
To use the dishwasher.
To use any type of tape to attach any decorations to any wall, mirror, lighting fixture, draperies or stage curtain of the Clubhouse, nor drive any nails, tacks, staples or other fasteners into or onto the walls, woodwork or doors of the Clubhouse.
To smoke in the Clubhouse.
To burn candles, lamps, torches or any other use of open flames.
To have food and beverages on the stage, behind the stage, or on the second floor of the Clubhouse.
To have rice, birdseed, confetti, or like materials thrown inside the Clubhouse or anywhere else on the Premises.